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    i keep seeing your little Josh pic everywhere. Do you know where that picture was taken??? Doesn't he look good in stripes?? lol


    Reply from Hamiltonjoshfan:

    Sorry, I don't know where that picture was taken. I just borrowed it! Julie
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    Cindy aka Lizzie

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    Reply from Hamiltonjoshfan:

    Cindy, what does that Vote thing mean?
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    Julie - good for you and your post to Mr Tell-Them-Nothing Avenet. And I wish someone would tell Epalist to stick a sock in it, for gosh sakes :)


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Hmmm....apart from being a "swooning middle-aged fan", I'm also married to a great guy and have two fabulous kids. They seem to be somewhat bemused by my long-lasting attack of Joshmania! I work in a garden centre, LOVE plants and animals, and have two goofy dogs....a toy poodle and a schnoodle. I've seen Josh in concert 9 times and plan to see him as many times as time and my budget will allow until I am very, very old. So far I have tickets to two concerts at the beginning of the Awake tour.

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I like to garden, and take lots of pictures of my garden and dogs. I also like to knit and do cross-stitch. Mostly lately I've been spending all my spare time in Grobania!!!!!

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